24 October 2017

Park Hyatt Zurich
Beethoven-Strasse 21
8002 Zurich


Deep Dive #6 on 24 October 2017
Park Hyatt Zurich

Auszug der Teilnehmerstatements

Peter Siegenthaler, Aquila-Associates AG

«Eine der grossen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit wurde von drei Top-Referenten analysiert.»

René Weber, EW Asset Management AG

«Sehr guter Anlass mit interessanten Themen mit Top Referenten.»

Basil Liem, Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG

«Inhaltlich überzeugend, top Referenten.»

Markus Amstutz, Future Trade AG

«Ein professioneller Wissenspool für finanzaffine Menschen, welchen das gesellige Zusammensein auch noch wichtig ist.»

Dr. Heinz Hackl, Hackl & Associates

«Immer eine gute Auswahl von Referenten, die verschiedene Aspekte des Themas vertreten.»

What, until very recently, was being hailed as the cornerstone of future economic prosperity is now coming increasingly under fire. Cancelled trade agreements, Great Britain leaving the European Union and a US President bringing international companies to their knees with 140 characters.

This situation inevitably gives rise to the following questions: Will more countries opt for a bilateral approach in the future? How can we stop globalisation, if at all? And if it is possible, will things go back to where they were? What does it mean for investors if nothing is impossible anymore? Since Trump’s election as US President the US economy has been enjoying a surprising boom, but how long will it last and what are the risks involved?

Join us at the Fund Experts Forum Deep Dive to find out where the journey will take us and what trends to expect in the future. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to discuss both the opportunities and potential downsides of globalisation with geo political experts and experienced asset managers.

I look forward to seeing you at the forum for what should be some particularly lively debate.

Mark Dittli
Editor in Chief Finanz und Wirtschaft


The Fund Experts Forum Deep Dive is aimed at leaders working in private wealth management (banks, family offices, independent asset managers) as well as representatives from institutional investment companies (insurance providers, public pension schemes, foundations) from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Participation in the conference is not an automatic right.

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